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QUANTA Centre merges science and spirituality offering innovative bio-hacking technologies unified with spiritual practices, with mission of activation and integration of Evolutionary Leaders – Creators of New Earth.

QUANTA (plural from Quantum) – is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in interaction. We are made of continuously interacting quanta – highly conscious informational morphic fields, the network of consciousness with complexity beyond our wildest imagination.

Quantization is the process of observation how energy and matter interact, expanding awareness to embrace multidimensional nature of our being.

QUANTA’Hacking is innovative science and practice of wholistic transformation of informational energetic blueprint, be it a cell, DNA, an organ, the whole being or community, using energy medicine methods & bio-hacking technologies, such as sound, resonance, frequency, light, movement, nutrition, integrated with the practices for Mind based on Neuroscience and ancient spiritual traditions (Yoga, Qi Gong, Mystic Alchemy schools) with aim of harmonization of life on Planet Earth.

QUANTA is Cosmic Ocean of Energy which created everything, including ourselves, our visual and sensory reality. It’s our Body, Mind, and Soul, it permeates everything, being highly conscious field.

QUANTA is continuously evolving in accordance with what we “thinkcreate.”

~ Lola Lhamo, the Founder

Our Activities

Multidimensional Well-being center, where science and spirituality merge

~ Latest Bio-Hacking technologies and innovative tools for healing and transformation: Bio-Resonance, Frequency, Light, Sound, Energy, Nutrition, Neuroscience

~ Research centres around the world with best wellness & science experts

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Evolutionary Leadership

~ CREATORS.EARTH ~ Club of Leaders of New Earth

~ QUANTA’Coaching programme, bringing your Leadership capacities to the next level

~ Inspiring QUANTA Master-Mind events, bringing conscious leaders together

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Certified QUANTA’Healing programme for self-healing & community

~ Transformational events & retreats in places of power, studying ancient wisdom and alchemy with mystic masters and visits to QUANTA research centres

~ Become QUANTA Ambassador in your community, sharing empowering spiritual practices and tech

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Our Innovation – Your Well-Being

Our Team

We brought together Spiritual Masters, Technology Geniuses and Conscious Leaders to collaborate and co-create New Earth

Meet our core Team Members, unique Collective of bright hearts and minds HERE…

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