QUANTA iCREATE ~ Evolutionary Leadership Programme

We live in a world of limitless opportunities, and yet – some reach for the stars and beyond, living life in abundance and wealth, and some struggle daily with the lack of financial resources or self-realization. Why? Is it life path, chosen by the soul before being born, or simple insufficiency of skills and discipline? Is it linked with unfair resources distribution and unbalanced economic system or with the power of Mind and Spirit able to play with circumstances and create life full of wonders.


We believe in Conscious Leadership, living in balance and harmony with the Planet, Community, and Soul Mission, and offer innovative QUANTA iCREATE – Evolutionary Leadership Programme to transform Mind and Body (=spaceship for the Soul), reconnect with Higher Self, Soul Mission, and start creating from that place of Wholeness.

Our focus is on empowering you as a Creator of New Earth through multidimensional coaching programme.

QUANTA iCREATE Evolutionary Leadership programme includes the following benefits:

  • Community of Leaders, sharing their life-stories and secrets of success, telling why Conscious Leadership is so important today more than ever, how they create regenerative communities and projects, and how they see the Future of the planet and humanity (see our project www.Creators.Earth). Community of Leaders and Creators of New Earth is for sharing and supporting each other on the journey, with access to unique investment and self-development opportunities, and knowledge, which sometimes is crucial in taking decisions or finding the solutions. It’s also space for unique empowering events around the world live and online for our Community of Creators, together co-creating the platform for connection and collaboration, inspiration and support.
  • Unique QUANTA iCREATE Coaching programme for self-healing and transformation on all dimensions of your being, integrating spiritual sciences and innovative Bio-Hacking technology

QUANTA Leadership Programme: Coaching + Bio-Resonance Light Healing

QUANTA session is Coaching + BioResonance Light Therapy combined! Unique Offer All-in-One

Leadership for Creators of New Earth!

Live or Online session with founder of QUANTA Centre Lola Lhamo for QUANTA Leap 🙂 This session integrates:

  • QUANTA Coaching (combining EpiEnergetics, Daoist and Yogic expansion & visualization practices) = alchemist foundations
  • BioResonance Light Therapy with QUANTA Tech (can be shared distantly as well)
  • Frequencies for manifestation of Soul Gifts on basis of comprehensive scan

Life is greater than limiting circumstances.
Your energy state, more than anything else, manifests your emotions, thoughts, and actions — when you increase frequency and become energy powerhouse – everything becomes possible in your life, with grace realizing your soul gifts in community.

Through QUANTA session you will be able to access high frequency energy, and the wisdom that organizes it, to re-energize body/mind/spirit and create vibrant life.

We will also look into traumas/experiences that hinder access and natural flow of energy within your being, release energetic cords and low frequencies (entities).

Result: your frequency and power of manifestation will increase with your mind space transformation and energy boost. You will learn techniques of accessing more power within you and follow your Soul Gifts with integrity and wholeness.

Special Offer:
1 Session: £122 (can book multiple)
5 sessions: £555
Unlimited Monthly Support: £2222

Raise the Frequency! Manifest!
Together we create miracles

STEPS of QUANTA iCREATE Leadership Programme

֍ Step 1: QUANTA Diagnostics

Multidimensional Body, Mind, Soul diagnostics with help of QUANTA Tech

֍ Step 2: QUANTA Purification

Body, Mind Detox programme to let go old programmes

֍ Step 3: QUANTA Infinite Energy

Obtaining skills to connect and work with infinite energy & abundance. EpiEnergetics

֍ Step 4: QUANTA Vision / iGenome

Understanding Soul Mission & dreams, developing Creative Plan of Actions. EpiEnergetics

֍ Step 5: QUANTA iCreate

Fulfilling the dreams, step by step

QUANTA Leadership Programme Step by Step in details

QUANTA Diagnostics

Using innovative Bio-Hacking technologies we lead comprehensive multidimensional QUANTA Diagnostics -scanning the state of your Body & Mind for in-depth evaluation and creating individualised journey of transformation.

Among technologies and methods of QUANTA Diagnostics:

  • Bio-Magnetic Resonance Body scan showing the health of your organs, blood, cells, presence of parasites or fungi (which have to be cleared before moving into new step). After analysis QUANTA Detox Plan with herbs will be prepared.
  • This study will be supported by traditional Chinese Medicine method of evaluation of the state and flow of your Qi, and purity of meridians to develop also a set of QUANTA Body movement routine (Stretching, Yoga, QiGong, dance) to stimulate better flow of energy through meridians and organs. Information also will be used for choosing herbs for your QUANTA Detox Plan.
  • Scan of Auric field, Bio-rhythm and Chrono-Biological tests
  • Diagnostics of psycho-emotional state in session of QUANTA Energetics t to determine which limitations for expansion are present in Mind and hidden potential
  • Session of Sound Energy Medicine + QUANTA Healing to harmonise the brain waves, connect the soul with Higher Self and receive the messages from Akashic Library.

This step is crucially important as being true leader means having a lot of energy for planning, actions, and collaboration with other people. If you have unhealthy Body or instable Mind – it will be difficult to expand and reach another level of success.

Individualised programme



QUANTA Mind Balance

We can’t start something new until we purify from old energies and old patterns clouding our Mind and Body. Here you will go through multidimensional programme of purification QUANTA Pure on basis of QUANTA Diagnostics:

  • QUANTA Detox: Body cleansing from parasites and fungi, individualised detox plan + herbal medicine
  • QUANTA Mind Balance: through the set of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy sessions we will understand limiting believes hindering your success and will reprogram old patterns. We will also develop Individualised programme of Breath and Meditation with affirmations, which will help you to keep you Mind strong.
  • QUANTA Body: you will receive individually developed practice with the set of detox and energy stimulating Kriyas for Body and Mind purification, and spine alignment, stretching, yoga, and Qi Gong movement daily routine
  • You will learn Inner Abundance Ceremony for daily purification and expansion to receive the blessings and stay in higher frequency

During each session you will be receiving QUANTA Healing with Bio-Resonance and Light technology

Individualised programme

QUANTA Infinite Energy

QUANTA Abundance

The Tree can’t grow without strong roots. In the same way you can’t become a Leader if you are not grounded, not connected to Earth’s magnetic power, or if you plan the activity destroying the planet in any way, or if you don’t have inner practice which connects you to infinite reservoir of energy at any moment of your day.

After QUANTA Pure programme, purifying Body & Mind from old energies, we are ready to receive new energy and start creating. Here we focus on the Roots of your tree and your foundations. Some steps of QUANTA Infinite Energy:

  • We introduce the Ethics of the Creator of New Earth – respect to your soul’s mission, the planet, and community. You will write your own Ethics Codex, your foundation for self-development.
  • We keep on learning and integrating into daily practice simple QUANTA Infinite Energy Practices of Breath, Meditation, Yoga & Kriyas (purifying action), Qi Gong (purification and charging organs with Qi, secret Microcosmic Orbit for infinite energy)
  • We learn Neuroscientific and Spiritual practices of recognising Abundance within and around, also reprogramming limiting believes connected with money and having wealth in life, expanding your capacity to receive Abundance.

We will use QUANTA Tech with suggested Frequency Raising programmes + Affirmations on basis of Diagnostics

Individualised programme


The secret of having life of your dreams is your Power of Visualisation combined with High Frequency and Actions coming from your inspired Heart. Soul has to be happy to create, as only then the Universe responds to frequency you emanate.

Each Tree has the crown which reaches towards the Light and the Skies – in the same way the Soul has to be connected to Higher Self to become true Creator in life.

Our unique know-how QUANTA iGenome (spiritual genome) coaching method, proven over 20 years of individual and business coaching integrates ancient secret (inner) Alchemical spiritual practices with the latest Neuroscientific approach to expand to your true potential.

This is the Step where you will envisage the life of your dreams and gradually raise your frequency to embrace new life on all levels of your being. We will use our know-hows, among which are Sound Healing with Hypnotherapy and Bio-Hacking Light & Frequency tech to harmonise Body-Mind-Spirit mandala of your multidimensional being and create powerful shift. You will learn the basics of Mental Alchemy to develop the power of manifestation.

Then you will dive into planning specific actions: you will determine the areas of life to focus on, exact aims and goals, and write down your Creative Plan of Actions.

The Tree can’t grow without healthy roots, trunk and branches. Being true Creator of life means being fully embodied on your path, rooted and having good foundations, have empowering Vision, which inspires, aspires and guides, and walk your path forward with determination to fulfil each action. You can’t reach the aims if you don’t have the discipline and strong Inner Pillar (the trunk of your tree).

QUANTA iCreate is daily self-empowering practice for your essence to shine, for strong inspiration to act, fulfilling your mission and each goal and aim; and being fully present, moving in grace and sincerity of your heart, joyful in self-realization.

Here you will start to embody and realize your iGENOME Creative Plan of Actions, following your Soul Mission. We will support you in fulfilling your plan, coaching with empowering practices for self-discipline, connection to Higher Self, being fully embodied, having reservoir of infinite energy for completing each action.

At this point you become the Creator, Evolutionary Leader, and you have all tools to act independently, we are here just to support you at any moment, and be the one who listens when necessary, observes the progress together with you, and assists in boosting your energy, discipline and motivation.