Unique programme of planetary transformation and education QUANTA ENERGETICS for Healing & Leadership merges in-depth study of many spiritual sciences, such as:

Energy Healing (QUANTA Reiki), Sacred Geometry, Breath, Meditation, Sound Energy Medicine, Dao Cosmic Healing & Qi Gong, with leadership programme QUANTA iCreate Coaching + in-depth studies of unique bio-energy technology, the medicine of the future – healing with light, frequency, and bio-resonance.

This programme is for those willing to expand their perception, enhance skills set and knowledge, becoming true community leader and Creator of New Earth.

It’s also for those with deep interest in galactic bio-hacking technologies with potential to become our QUANTA Ambassador, representing and sharing unique Energy Medicine methods and technologies with community, be it a public centre or private home, fitness, spa or retreat centre, hospital or research institute, as well as raising frequency and improving work conditions at corporate offices, institutions and NGOs – with aim of harmonizing Body, Mind, and Space.

You will become part of our incredible Community of Leaders and Ambassadors sharing unique skills and technologies!

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We offer educational programmes globally live & online, integrating visits to our Research Labs to experience innovative technologies for self-healing, with spiritual practices at places of power led by masters of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Mystic Alchemy schools.

Our centres are located around the world. Take a look at upcoming events in various locations, live and online, or get in touch if you would like to bring your own group.

Upcoming LIVE Events (see online courses below)

QUANTA Energetics: Reiki Level 1 course: 9-10 Dec 2023, London

LONDON QUANTA Leap Retreat, at QUANTA Centre

BALI QUANTA Leap Retreat

CHINA 2024 – DM for details (only by invitation)

THAILAND, 2024, details are coming soon

EGYPT 9 Initiations on the Nile, Sept-Oct 2022 (held), 2023 Easter Holidays (held), Nov 2023 (held)

ONLINE Courses

QUANTA Energetics: Leadership for Creators of New Earth

100h unique online programm . Learn many spiritual disciplines and innovative bio-hacking QUANTA technology, all-in-one.

Become certified QUANTA Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation, Coaching facilitator sharing those practices with community and in parallel learn about QUANTA Technology to integrate into your practice and become QUANTA Ambassador. By Invitation only!

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