Wudang Longevity Qi Gong. Mindfulness, Power, and Peace.

As part of our QUANTA Energetics. Activation for Creators of New Earth programme we introduce timeless spiritual practices of True Humans and Immortals – the foundations of Daoism and Qi Gong from Wudang mountains.

Lola Lhamo has been studying with Li Shifu of the Five Immortals Temple (Wudang) Daoist Medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Dan Dao. She also received multiple practices from Grand Master Mantak Chia, with whom she has been practicing since 2006. Lola is encouraged to share these practices with the community.

Join us in a symphony where time-honored philosophy intertwines with the dance of flowing movements of Daoist Yoga, guiding you through both the profound and the practical, crafting a tapestry of your well-being and empowering you for change.


We warmly welcome to our transformative online course WUDANG LONGEVITY QI GONG. Mindfulness, Power, and Peace, dedicated to the profound teachings of Daoism and the enriching practices of Wudang Mountains, which is believed to be the origin of Tai Chi and the residence of the Immortals. Immerse yourself on a journey that harmonizes ancient wisdom with contemporary living, offering both philosophical insights and practices to enhance your inner Power and Peace.

What you will discover

The course comprises of 9 x 1h Lessons (9h), integrating theory and practice. You will receive the Encyclopedia of Longevity, which will serve you live long.

  • Mind and Mindfulness foundations;
  • Insight into the most ancient spiritual discipline of Daoism (The Way of Nature);
  • Beautiful easy practices for Power and Peace – Wudang Longevity Qi Gong (8 forms);
  • Ha-Ha Gong for deep detoxification and self-healing;
  • Learn 21 Acupuncture points for self-massage and healing;
  • Experience Dao Cosmic Healing for instant connection with the Power of Light;
  • Learn Five Qi Vitality practice of Inner Alchemy, with Five Heavenly Tones, to transform destructive cycle into creative cycle;
  • Learn the practice of Microcosmic Orbit;
  • Receive valuable knowledge about living in tune with the seasons, the diet, and life-style;
  • Be guided through Spiritual Coaching sessions for transforming your life and becoming empowered in bringing change to community.

Let’s look into the content of this course and the synopsis of each lesson.

The Essence of Daoism: Delve into the essence of Daoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy beckoning you to surrender to the rhythmic dance of the Dao – the underlying force that weaves through all existence. In the tapestry of today’s hurried world, Daoism is an evergreen compass, guiding you through life’s labyrinth with grace and resilience.

A Guiding Light for Modern Living: In the intricate tapestry of modern living, Daoism is a guiding light. With the principles rooted in adaptability, mindfulness, and the interconnectedness of all things, it becomes a timeless companion – empowering you to traverse the labyrinth of contemporary challenges with poise and insight.

Wudang Qi Gong: A Symphony of Longevity: Step into the ethereal realm of the immortals and Wudang Qi Gong, a dance of nature seamlessly guided by the principles of Natural Way. Qi Gong – ancient forms of gentle movements, intertwined with breath, and meditation in action, invites you to attune with the rhythm of life-force – awakening vitality, clarity, and a profound connection between body, mind, and spirit.



This practice is from Wudang Mountains. It’s very easy daily practice for great health and longevity (8 forms)


No, it’s not Laughing Gong, though it comes naturally afterwards 🙂 Haha Gong is an ancient Daoist practice of detox, tapping and activating specific Acupuncture points on body (21), combining with active Breath, and sound HaHa – it’s Heart sound, releasing both physical and emotional poisons..


The Alchemy of Health and Harmony: Qi Gong, an alchemical elixir, transcends the mere physical. With intentional movements and breath as your guides, witness the transmutation of stress into serenity, fragility into strength, and chaos into calm. This alchemy crafts a transformative journey, nurturing not only physical health but the sublime resonance of emotional harmony. We will learn the Foundations of Inner Alchemy and 3 Practices:


For centuries Daoist shamans were healing people with 5 Heavenly Tones, which were transmitted through generations of healers and have potent healing energy. Your voice is your most powerful healing instrument. (This practice is different to well-known 5 Healing Sounds, however we can touch upon both methods)

Medical Research on 5 Heavenly Tones


Insight into the Five Elements and their corresponding location in organs of the body, connections to emotions. Practice to transform inner Destructive Cycle into Creative Cycle.


Healing with Three Lights: Purifying, Recharging, Aligning with Cosmic Frequency and Creating Protective Shield.


also known as the “Divine Sky Circulation”, a concept in Daoist Internal Alchemy (Neidan). It involves circulating and harmonizing the flow of Qi along the major energy channels or meridians in the body to cultivate and refine one’s energy and have infinite life-force and resilience.

A Journey into Self: Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment. Beyond the physical, Qi Gong unlocks the gates to your latent potential—a sacred journey of heightened focus, crystalline clarity, and emotional intelligence, the will powered by balanced intention. In the sanctum of self, witness the unveiling of a radiant tapestry where every thread resonates with the music of your being, in tune with the universal symphony. Be ready for Spiritual Coaching sessions and home work assignments to realign your purpose with Higher Self.

The Harmonic Confluence of Life: In the tapestry of daily life, where family and business intersect, Daoism and Qi Gong become your guiding melodies. Navigate challenges with the serene cadence of calmness, enhance decisions with the lucidity of a crystal-clear vision, and foster relationships in the harmonious dance of life.


Longevity, Mindfulness, Power, and Peace: Qi Gong is an ancient pathway to physical health and emotional balance. Through intentional movements and breathwork, it promotes relaxation, strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, and cultivates emotional resilience. Discover a transformative journey that not only enhances your physical health but also nurtures emotional well-being.

Self-Development and Success: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. Qi Gong is not only a practice for physical health but also a gateway to unlocking your full potential. By integrating these ancient teachings, you’ll find increased focus, clarity, and emotional intelligence—all valuable assets for success in both personal and professional spheres.

Lola will ask you to set up your personal goals (in relations, business, creativity), guiding you through the process of Spiritual Coaching, and after completion of this course you will have clear understanding or good solutions, received during this journey, from your higher awareness.

Ideal for Business and Family Life: In the dynamic dance of daily life, the skills cultivated through Qi Gong become invaluable assets. Learn to navigate challenges with abundance of energy and calmness, enhance your decision-making abilities, and foster harmonious relationships in both professional and family settings.

Why today the Daoism is the philosophy of the future, for all Creators of New Earth?

Daoism in its essence is the union with the nature and its harmonic flow, bringing deeper awareness to our inner truth and our innate connection with the Source, naturally nourishing our physical center and empowering our vision as a Human and a catalyst for change in a society. Wu Wei” (无为) is a central concept in Daoism, often translated as “non-action” or “effortless action.” It is a fundamental principle that suggests aligning oneself with the natural flow of the Dao, a mode of action characterized by spontaneity, simplicity, and harmony with the inherent rhythms of life.

Empowerment within oneself lays the foundation for broader impact—on the community and the planet. Daoism teaches that individual transformation ripples outward, influencing the collective consciousness. As individuals experience personal empowerment through Daoist principles and Qi Gong, they become catalysts for positive change within their communities. The harmonious energy cultivated through these practices extends beyond the self, fostering a spirit of cooperation, compassion, and shared well-being.

Furthermore, the principles of Daoism encourage a deep reverence for nature and the interconnectedness of all living things. This ecological perspective inspires individuals to adopt sustainable lifestyles and contribute to the well-being of the planet. By recognizing their role as stewards of the Earth, those embracing the philosophy and practicing Qi Gong are naturally inclined to embrace environmental responsibility, promoting practices that foster harmony between humanity and nature.

In essence, the synergy between your daily activities and Qi Gong creates a powerful framework for personal and collective empowerment. As individuals tap into their inner reservoirs of strength and wisdom, they become agents of positive change, not only transforming their own lives but also influencing the communities they inhabit and fostering a deeper connection to the planet. This integrated approach to empowerment is a testament to the enduring relevance of Daoism and Qi Gong as guiding lights for a more harmonious and sustainable future.


LESSON 1. Introduction to the Treasures of Daoism. Right Posture for life & practice. Breath for grounding and self-healing.

In this class you will receive theoretical foundations of what is the Daoist philosophy about and some keys to opening its treasure box. How to connect to Higher Self and receive the elixir? After theory we will have a beautiful practice.

Posture. We will learn about the right posture for life, which is one of the most important aspects for body and mind health, and longevity. We will also learn how to stand in Qi Gong stances to receive the energy from the Source, for meditation and practice.

Breath. You will discover the power of breath awareness and simple practices for replenishing your energy reservoir with Earth and Sky Energy instantaneously at any moment.

Wave Qi Gong. This practice will rejuvenate your spine and help with old injuries. This practice has been given to Lola by master who restored his spine after car accident.

LESSON 2. The power of Letting It Go.

Before we can receive new, we need to let go old. To fill in the cup, we need to empty it. This lesson is structured around practices of letting go. We will have spiritual coaching session through this process, recording things that create tension in our life and consequently body, obstructing the Qi flow, and consciously with awareness will be letting them go. You can use this practice in future too, letting go toxic connections and habits!

Lola will introduce Self-Scanning technique to find the tensions in the body, the result of emotional tension, and techniques to release them with sound and light.

We will then have Shaking time, considered as powerful regeneration practice.

We will then practice Wave Qi Gong to observe where the blockages are in the body physically, continuing with Clearing 3 Dan Tian practice.

We will also learn the first technique of Longevity Qi Gong: 吐故纳新 (Tǔ Gù Nà Xīn) Expel the Old, Take In the New (1).

LESSON 3. Bring In the New. The Power of Sun Light and the Secret of Pineal Gland

How the Light is used for healing in Yoga, Daoist Yoga, and Shamanism? We will also look into the role of Pineal Gland, the residence of the Crystal Palace in Daoist Inner Alchemy, powerhouse for awakening and becoming True Human and immortal, ever empowering connection with Higher Self.

For practice we will learn Dao Cosmic Healing with 3 Lights, have Yoga Nidra and Longevity Qi Gong form 丹凤朝阳 (Dān Fèng Cháo Yáng) Red Phoenix Facing the Sun (2), as well as 收功 (Shōu Gōng) Collecting Gong (8)

LESSON 3. Five Qi Vitality. Five Colours, Five Qi returning to their origin. Five Heavenly Tones.

Introduction to the Daoist Medicine and inner alchemy techniques for healing and harmonizing your organs and all systems in the body. During theory we will talk about Five Qi Vitality – Qi in organs, corresponding to 5 Elements, their essence and role in emotional and physical balance.

In this practice we will learn how to transform inner Destructive Cycle into Creative Cycle with colourful light and special Five Heavenly Tones healing.

Then we will learn and practice Longevity Qi Gong form 五气归元 (Wǔ Qì Guī Yuán) Five Qi Return to the Origin (3).

LESSON 4. Microcosmic Orbit. Inner Alchemy

Theory part will be dedicated to the Microcosmic Orbit, also known as the “Divine Sky Circulation”, a concept in Daoist Internal Alchemy (Neidan). It involves circulating and harmonizing the flow of Qi along the major energy channels or meridians in the body to cultivate and refine one’s energy and have infinite life-force and resilience.

We will practice Microcosmic Orbit, as well as learn Longevity Qi Gong form 子午沉浮桩 (Zǐ Wǔ Chén Fú Zhuāng) Zi Wu Falling and Rising Stance (4) circulating the orbit.

LESSON 5. Heart Power. Inner Power and Peace.

Lola will share the practice of Hearing the Heart. Heart is where consciousness resides (and where there’s an open path to Akashic Records). We will learn to ask questions and receive answers within.

We will also learn Longevity Qi Gong form 龙爪手 (Lóng Zhǎo Shǒu) Dragon Claws Hand (5) for strengthening the Heart and Shen (spirit), as well as the immune system – protective Wei Qi of the Lungs.

We will also practice Longevity Qi Gong form 抱元守一 (Bào Yuán Shǒu Yī) Embracing the Origin and Guarding the One (8).

After that we may practice the whole sequence of Wudang Longevity Qi Gong, completing with Dao Cosmic Healing, and Five Healing Tones.

LESSON 6. Ha-Ha Gong. Reflexology points for longevity.

Now we are ready to dive deeper into Self-Healing routine. We will learn Daoist Medicine’s key acupuncture (reflexology) points for healing and strengthening, as well as Ha-Ha Gong – rhythmic movement detoxifying tapping exercise, activating and purifying these 21 key points in the body, for immunity, resistance power, and longevity. That’s your Health and Longevity Encyclopedia for life.

This practice stimulates meridians and nervous system, enhances endocrine system, expels toxins, and enhances resistance to viruses. It can also prevent many imbalances in body, especially heart stroke. Practice for 30min every day, and see the result in 2 weeks.

LESSON 7. Harmonic Seasons. Diet. Life-Style. Activity

Discover significance of 4 seasons, Daoist Medicine views health as a dynamic balance between the body and its environment. The changing seasons are considered integral to this balance, and Lola will offer insights into how individuals can adapt their lifestyle, their diet, and daily practices to harmonize with each season.

LESSON 8. Practice

Practice from beginning to the end. Ha-Ha Gong, Five Qi Vitality. Five Healing Tones. Wudang Longevity Qi Gong. Dao Cosmic Healing. Q&A.

LESSON 9. Practice. Q&A

Practice from beginning to the end. Ha-Ha Gong, Five Qi Vitality. Five Healing Tones. Wudang Longevity Qi Gong. Dao Cosmic Healing. Q&A.


There are 3 Options. Scroll down to choose and confirm your attendance.

Option 1. £81.

9 classes (£9 per session). Recording will be available only during the course, so you could practice between the Lessons.

Option 2. £99.

Life-Long Access to online course + LONGEVITY ENCYCLOPEDIA eBook 1 by Lola Lhamo, containing all information from this course, plus more insight into the heritage of the Daoist Longevity practices, plus your own guided Practice Diary with Spiritual Coaching, to be referring to after the course.

Option 3. £99 Payment by 11 installments for those in financial difficulty.

Life-Long Access to Online Course, as well as LONGEVITY ENCYCLOPEDIA eBook 1.


9 weekly classes on Saturdays, 9am-10am UK time. Recording will be available after the session, however we encourage to participate live!

We start Mar 16, 2024. Classes will be Mar 16, 23, 30, Apr 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11.

Dates can be changed if confirmed with the group.


This Course is also offered LIVE in LONDON as an all-day Retreat on Mar 31, 2024. Please, contact Lola to book your space..

You can combine Live studies with online practice.


The course is lead by Lola Lhamo – energy healer, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher, Practitioner of Daoist Medicine and Acupuncture, Reiki Master, the founder of QUANTA Bio-Energy Centre (www,QUANTA.Earth), as well as

Lola has deep connections with Tibetan Buddhism, Daoism and Yoga from childhood. She helped in building Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment at Roerich Museum, traveled to India and Nepal to places of power with Tibetan lamas, participated at Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India. Lola has learned the techniques of working with energy from Tibetan lamas (Nyingma tradition), Grand Master Mantak Chia (Tao Cosmic Healing), Li Shifu from Five Immortals Temple (Wudang), Himalayan Hatha and Kriya Yoga (500h Senior Yoga Teacher), Vipassana, and practicing with other masters of Yoga, QiGong, Nada Yoga, and Energy healing.


Li Shifu, Abbot Du Song Feng, Five Immortals Temple

Daoist name: Xing De. At the age of 12 he began to study the external martial arts of Shaolin, the internal martial arts of Mount Wudang as well as the classical scriptures of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. He traveled to many high mountains of China in order to seek out grandmasters. He was accepted as a disciple by many masters and therefore has received many religious names which are not to be mention publicly. At the beginning of 1991, he became officially a devotee to Daoism/follower of the Dao. In 1996 he left his homeland and officially became a renunciant in Mount Wudang where he found his own path in White Horse Mountain. In very harsh conditions, he experienced a lot of suffering and hardships, studied Wudang Internal Alchemy cultivation practices from his masters and received the transmissions of Daoist Medicine and Daoist talismansrituals and incantations and other Daoist Arts.

In 2000 he became the abbot of the Five Immortals Temple, he is a Mount Wudang Dragon Gate Sect and Pure Yang Sect High Priest and Master of Jing Chan Ceremonies.

Grand Master Mantak Chia, Universal Healing Tao

Mantak Chia is Author of more than 60 books published in many languages around the world, and he was twice named Qi Gong Master of the Year.  Since childhood, Mantak Chia has been studying the Taoist approach to life. His mastery of this ancient knowledge enhanced by his study of other disciplines such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Kung Fu as well as Buddhist and Zen teachings. This has resulted in the development of the Universal Healing Tao© System which is now being taught throughout the world.

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