Light Pyramid Resonator

“Our each client becomes Ambassador of New Earth, with QUANTA tools enhancing energy field of their own being, their home and working space, impacting the wellbeing of community and the planet as a whole. Together we create miracles”

Lola Lhamo

Light Pyramid is a universal broadband harmonizing modulator which generates a natural electromagnetic field, combining 3 frequencies of light spectrum, sound, magnetic & plasma fields – to balance environment at your home of office.

Light Pyramid also improves mental and physical health, enhances hypnotism and helps resist infection.

Unique feature is possibility to leave it on for the whole day, and it will automatically project programmes for each energy meridian in accordance for the time of the day (in accordance with ancient Chinese medicine), keeping the environment at your home or office harmonic, through informational field transmitting high frequency on distance to your wherever you are.

Light Pyramid Resonator

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Potent tool for mental and physical wellbeing

Plasma and Quantum fields’ healing frequencies permeate Auric field, rewire nervous system to achieve body-mind coherence, relaxation, and calmness

Photobiotic Light nourishes cells and organs

Great for PTSD and depression

Choice of thousands healing frequencies from App

     Maintains personal high frequency vibration after a healing session.

For Home or Office

Generates natural electromagnetic field, combining light spectrum, sound, magnetic, and plasma fields, based on traditional Chinese medicine principles

Creates natural magnetic field that clears up the effect of unpleasant WiFi or 5G signals. Shields and neutralizes energy in the room/office.

16 million color combinations of Photobiotic Light regulated by Library in App

Pyramid transports energy from one dimension to another, creating high energy shield at home

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Powerful Protection against Electromagnetic Smog, Wifi, 5G

Dangerous EMF

We all are aware that electromagnetic smog has huge negative impact on human body, causing chronic stress. This also includes:

  • The flares on the sun
  • The rotation of the Moon around the Earth
  • Some geographic zones have this type of electromagnetic burdens
  • TV radiation, radio, electric devices, mobiles
  • Long work with computer or laptop
  • Ignition coils of automobile engines
  • Wifi, 5G, and much more

Harmonic EMF

to solve the problem of electromagnetic overload

The Pyramid generates harmonizing fields similar to natural radiation of objects such as forests and natural environments.

Our body, living in such chaotic flux of radiation, present in cities, requires basic fulcrum to bring it back to resonance with nature.

When we experience harmonic resonance our state transforms from “stress breakdown” into balance.

Powerful Harmonizer

In numerous tests, carried out in the varied electromagnetic environments, using the Light Pyramid Resonator as a room harmonizer, an improvement in human state has been reliably established.

As a result of exposure to the Pyramid in Harmonizing mode, a considerable improvement in general state of user has been observed just in 1-4 days – i.e. the restoration of mental and emotional balance, and physical health, resistance to infection, and enhanced magnetism.

Features of Light Pyramid Resonator

Power of the Pyramid

  • 16 million color combinations
  • Healing sound
  • Plasma generator creates purifying & enhancing energy plasma field
  • Bifilar Tesla coil generates scalar field
  • Programmable by App Library of hundreds of healing programmes
  • Our designers visualized a potent tool for enhancing mental and physical well-being
  • The Resonator is in a shape of a pyramid, which generates special quantum field
  • The Pyramid operates unique system that transports energy from one dimension to another
  • It’s important to emphasize, that all human body’s physical and energy structures follow the law of “The Golden Ratio”, responding and tuning into sacred geometry fields generated by the Pyramid

Two Modes of Operation: Harmonizing & Torsion

There are 2 modes of operation which can be chosen from App:

  • Harmonizing for gentle effect, multidimensional healing
  • Torsion mode for more intense effect and sustaining healing energy at Home/Office. You can also place a photo of yourself, your friend or family member under the Pyramid in Torsion mode for healing them on distance. It’s also recommended to have your photo when you were in a good state of health and energy to use that informational field to improve your current state.

Harmonizing Energy Meridians & Organs

Unique feature of Light Pyramid is that it can be programmed via App to transmit healing Bio-Corrector frequencies in accordance with Chronobiology – Human Energy Clock, balancing each energy meridian and corresponding organs in accordance with the bio-rhythms.

You can either automatically launch daily Run All Programmes mode, or choose specific meridian/organ to work on.

Space Harmonization

Choose from multiple Healing Programmes from App for Space harmonization at Home & Office.

Some of the programmes: Room clearance, Protection from EMF, Wifi, 5G, Energy Charging, Rapair DNA, Nature Body Detoxing, Soul Family Reunion, Divine Light, Miracle tone of nature, Connect with Light & Source, Relationships & Communication, Positive Altering, Abundance, Financial wealth, and many others.

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