Aura Shield +Ozone

“Our each client becomes Ambassador of New Earth, with QUANTA tools enhancing energy field of their own being, their home and working space, impacting the wellbeing of community and the planet as a whole. Together we create miracles”

Lola Lhamo

Aura Shield +Ozone has been created specifically for Energy Healers and those who work with a lot of people (corporates, public officers), driven by many years experience of healing practice and international business career. Very often Healers feel exhausted after a session with a client, noticing possibility of “picking up” negative energy of the clients. The same way, when we are exposed to large public gatherings we may experience energy depletion, headaches and deep anxiety and stress-response.

Aura Shild +Ozone due to presence of high frequency Plasma field and UVc cuts energy cords, purifies Aura and Energy Bodies, removes entities, providing powerful psychic protection and healing. UVC and Ozone also disinfect the space.

Aura Shield +Ozone

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Powerful psychic protection & healing for healers

Plasma Light & Electromagnetic field cut off energetic cords, purify and harmonize aura and chakras, and destroy entities or low frequency energies

Library of million of healing frequencies to choose from App for mob or tablet

Binaural QUANTA Sound via headphones combined with Light

Great for stress-relieve

For Home or Office

Purifies and disinfects air as emits ozone O3

Produces UVC which eliminate bad odors and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as sulfides, mercaptans, and ammonia

Destroys entities or low vibrational energies at Home or Office

£999 free delivery

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  • UVC lamp in range of 185nm
  • Frequency Range 1Hz – 40 MHz
  • Normal operation time is 3.5 hours
  • Bluetooth App control
  • 2000 mAh battery capacity, chargeable
  • Audio trigger mode by Bluetooth audio
  • Portable

Manage from App


  • When linked to App, a wide range of healing frequencies in Libraries can be accessed
  • You can also lead comprehensive scan with Dynamic Scan – which will automatically choose the list of individualized and most effective frequencies as Healing programmes from the library, which are sent via Bluetooth to device
  • Can also add your own frequencies
  • High range of frequencies from 3 Hertz to 40 MHz, creating multiples of harmonics

Project Your Music as Healing Frequencies

Sound to Frequency

Unique feature of Aura Shield +Ozone is possibility to connect device to your music MP3 – just upload to App – and project the Sound like Healing Frequencies

App also has possibility to Scan Psycho-emotional state and generate Affirmations as Audio, which can be also played as Sound

What is UV-C Light?


The germicidal lamp of Aura Shield +Ozone produces UV-C to eliminate bad odors and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as sulfides, mercaptans, and ammonia.

UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that exists between visible light and X-Rays. Only 3% to 4% of UV penetrate the atmosphere to reach the Earth, of which UV-A is 95% and UV-B is 5%

UV-C rays, which have substantial germicidal and disinfection effects, do not reach the Earth’s surface, this device provides exposure to UV-C

What is Ozone?


  • Ozone, also called Vacuum Ultraviolet (UV-V), is an inorganic gas molecule consisting of 3 Oxygen atoms
  • Ozone is strong fully ecological safe disinfectant against all types of waterborne pathogens and dust mite
  • Ozone is an effective biocide that is commonly used in the disinfection of various types of facilities due to its strong oxidising properties
  • UV-C lamp of Aura Shield produces Ozone by emitting UV radiation with a wavelength of 185 nm or less than 220 nm, which causes the oxygen (O2) in the air to decompress and produce ozone (O3)

Aura Shield +Ozone for Home & Office

Benefits of space purification

  • Aura Shield’s basic application is disinfection of objects, areas and spaces physically, as well as spiritually
  • UV light is non-harmful to human and environment
  • UV light is less dangerous than toxic chemicals found in cleaning products

Scalar Wave Emitter

  • Scalar wave allows the information signal spread in multidimensional and infinite way
  • Scalar wave emitter creates standing energy field that carries specific light and frequency information
  • The standing field will create the positive interaction (resonance) for everyone within the environment and in the surrounding area
  • Scalar wave emitter forms a perfect shielding energy that surrounds our auric field
  • Transmits healing information to different levels of our physical and energy bodies immediately

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Aura Shield +Ozone



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