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We warmly welcome you on this beautiful journey, thank you for your interest and intention to become an Energy Healer.

We prepared for you unique online QUANTA ENERGETICS Teacher Training course (100h), which integrates the wisdom of many spiritual and scientific disciplines. After its completion you will obtain the skills and knowledge to practice (and will be certified which is important in our community) as:

  • QUANTA Reiki practitioner (Levels 1-2)
  • QUANTA Cosmic Healing & Qi Gong
  • QUANTA Breath facilitator
  • QUANTA Meditation facilitator (+Akashic Records)
  • QUANTA Spiritual Coach – able to guide your clients on basis of innovative iCREATE coaching technique, facilitated for over 20 years for individual & corporate transformation journeys
  • QUANTA Bio-Resonance Technology Ambassador – integrating spirituality and science
  • +BONUS Conscious Leadership programme

Because we believe that to truly become a Light Warrior you need genuine sincere dedication, regular practice, and multiple tools of transformation for body, mind, and spirit. You also need to be fully rooted on your path as a healer, speak both scientific and spiritual languages (and merge various perspectives) to embrace the multi-dimensionality of this world.

The techniques and practices, which Lola Lhamo shares in this course, come from various ancient traditions she has been studying for over 30 years, and are easy to learn and integrate into your daily life and your offerings to others.


Foreword from Lola Lhamo:

“Since childhood I’ve been always fascinated by the Art of Energy Healing. Life brought me an incredible journey of discovering Universal Energy from different perspectives, at first as a direct experience of hands-on healing as a kid, then in martial arts from the Daoist perspective while learning Kung Fu and Qi Gong, then through the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Vedic tradition, Buddhist Mind Yoga, works of Dr Mikao Usui formulated as Reiki, and finally Javanese spiritual tradition of Universe Healing. It took me many years to fully grasp the expanse of this knowledge passed on to us through generations by the masters of various schools and philosophies of life, and systematize it in an easy-to-learn method for practice of energy healing in today’s world.

For me the healing work is intimately connected with the transformation of the mind and the heart – the success of healing work is in fact in shifting our consciousness to higher universal vibration, in other words, the healing occurs sometimes miraculously when such shift happens. I like to compare this process with drinking pure spring water after long period of being thirsty.

When the mind is purified, the heart opens up naturally, and the spirit is “lifted” – this is the moment the body is receiving universal healing instantaneously and in abundance. In surrendering to this infinite life-force we experience the state of bliss and harmony – the nourishment for our cells. This natural “coming back to the source” is what heals us.”

100h QUANTA ENERGETICS Teacher Training

The course you are about to immerse in is called QUANTA ENERGETICS. Here we will go beyond traditional Reiki & Bio-Energy programme, diving into the ocean of wisdom within ourselves.

In addition to classic Reiki Levels 1-2 training, we will explore:

  • QUANTA Cosmic Healing & Qi Gong – ancient practices for Infinite Energy, Purification and Protection, Meditation in Movement, learning also forms/practice for harmonizing 5 Elements and each energy meridian to keep body organs and systems healthy
  • QUANTA Breath: how to use the Breath for self-healing and charge the cells with Qi, what is Microcosmic orbit and why it’s important. We will look into key Yogic and Daoist Breath practices of the Masters.
  • QUANTA Meditation: learn Meditation practices and reprogram the patterns of thinking and believes, which hinder our healing and personal growth, obtain the skills of channeling the Universal Force for healing ourselves and others with intention, Light and Color therapy, and sacred symbols. We will look into our DNA Cellular Intelligence as a living energetic matter and expand to understand inter-connectedness of everything with everything, and how we create our life and impact consciousness transformation on the planet as a whole, to fully embrace the power encoded within a human being.
  • QUANTA Technology: integrating science and spiritual practices. What is Bio-Resonance, Light & Frequency Healing. Why it’s important to protect from EMF, WiFi, 5G and how to do it with technological advancements. Training in QUANTA Tech
  • iCREATE Spiritual Coaching: we will also learn spiritual coaching techniques to lead ourselves through the process of transformation, and obtain the skills to be able to guide others to fulfill their aspirations and dreams.

QUANTA Energetics is a holistic programme of vast personal transformation, where the elements from various spiritual traditions and sciences are brought together.

We live in times where rapid personal spiritual growth is possible and is truly necessary if we want to transform the society. Such changes come as a result of our personal work, in developing inner strength and integrity, and in respect towards the planet and other beings. Life can be full of joy in every moment.

What will I obtain from learning?

  1. Become certified QUANTA Reiki Energy Healer and start your healing practice (Reiki with empowerment of Levels 1-2 is transmitted)
  2. Become QUANTA Breath facilitator – for your personal practice as well as teaching other people simple yet powerful breathing techniques from Yogic and Taoist traditions, and integrated Quanta Breath sequence for daily practice.
  3. Become QUANTA Meditation practitioner – for your personal transformation, and helping others to root into their natural state of being and inner power.
  4. Become QUANTA Spiritual Coach – integrating into your work Reiki and Spiritual Coaching helping people on multiple dimensions – spiritual and practical, unique offering for your circle.
  5. Become certified QUANTA Ambassador – able to integrate Technology into healing practice

This course is accredited by International Association of Therapists (

Course Instructor

Lola Lhamo Lola Lhamo Author

The course is lead by Lola Lhamo – energy healer, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher, the founder of QUANTA Bio-Energy Centre, Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association , and QUANTA Reiki Foundation.

Lola has deep connections with Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga from childhood. She helped in building Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment at Roerich Museum, traveled to India and Nepal to places of power with Tibetan lamas, participated at Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India. Lola has learned the techniques of working with energy from Tibetan lamas (Nyingma tradition) and also by practicing with other masters of Yoga, Qi Gong, Nada Yoga, and Energy Healing.

QUANTA Reiki Foundation

After completion of this programme and submitting your assignments you will be fully certified to share Quanta Reiki with others.

You will also become part of our QUANTA Reiki Foundation uniting people from around the world sharing healing energy with the planet and all beings.

How to prepare for the Course?

Few recommendations to prepare for this course and Reiki attunement:

  • 1-3 Days Detox is recommended, however not obligatory
  • Choose Meditation over watching TV 🙂
  • Practice Self-awareness – observe your emotions and reactions
  • No alcohol – it dulls the mind
  • No tobacco – this is the chance to try and quit
  • Avoid high protein food – high protein food requires more digestion and uses energy
  • Eat fruit, vegetables and drink water – easy to digest and healthy
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks – causes the mind to be over-active

Attunement is what makes Reiki unique from other forms of healing touch and energy work. This ceremony, called Reiju (Ray-joo) in Japanese, is performed by Reiki master during each level of initiation, aimed for opening and expanding main energy channels of the student’s body, allowing Universal Energy, also known as Qi/Chi/Ki, to flow more freely and deeply through them. This process may clear blockages in the body and lead to significant energy changes within the individual. Many may undergo an intense period of self-growth following their attunements.

Attunements can be extremely powerful in themselves, offering immediate balance and healing to the student.  A typical attunement is carried out with a student being seated and relaxed.  The Reiki Master will then place the sacred Reiki symbols into the student’s aura, chakras (energy centres) and hands.  The energy now moves through the student, from the crown chakra (at the top of the head) and through internal energy channels, also activating energy reservoirs in student’s hands, where healing can be given and received.  This energy also elevates the student’s vibration to a higher level.  Each student will have a different experience when receiving an attunement and always a positive one.  In general, most students experience a feeling of total peace when receiving an attunement.

During the course you will receive several Attunements.

REVIEWS from previous courses

“This course is “amazing” because Lola is an amazing teacher with an amazing soul. Exceptionally rare to find. 
I received many different  tools , that allowed me to  really dig deep into what it means to  “live” fully.   She guides everyone  to  explore  what we are supposed to do as an individual  and  us as living animals on this planet , together  with… the Universe! 
She goes into detailed explanation about energy, frequency, breathing and so much more!! And will guide you into beautiful deep meditation, which helps us to transform. 
We say,  we are part of Universe and she will make sure that , you will REALLY feel that.  
And within that experience,   she will  teach you how to  touch  freedom. Once  you touched this,   you really are free to do what you believe in,  and  manifest to  do something good  to the Universe. 

The whole  experience with Lola,  is  a true  life gift. She kindly  handed  the seed  to plant  in my heart,  and now it is my turn to bloom it back. 
Thank you with all my heart”❤

Nao Watanabe (Tokyo, Japan)

“Thank you Thank you Thank you, for creating this safe online space for us, generously sharing all your beautiful teachings and awakening my souls secrets.
Your ocean of knowledge showered us like a waterfall, gifts in huge abundance kept appearing, and always delivered with love.
I have grown enormously with your support and spiritual coaching and I look forward to welcoming you into my healing nest too…
Forever grateful.”

Vaso Louca (London, UK)

“Lola is amazing and her courses exceptional. She is travelling around the world to experience not only the wisdom transmitted by healers but also the way of life, combined with the latest scientific evidences. The quanta reiki goes beyond the traditional reiki as it links the infinite universe with our finite cell within our body. Thank you so much Lola”.

Nathalie V (France)


For booking we offer flexible payment plans due to current global situation. You may choose to purchase all at once or pay by installments depending on your financial capacity. We fully understand that for some of us this global situation came with many surprises however this shall not stop us from pursuing our calling and dreams.


Contact Lola Lhamo for an interview Lola@Quanta.Earth or +44 7757093532

How can I join?

Please, book below. You may choose between 2 options:

Option 1: payment by installments £222 per weekend (comes to £1332 for the whole course)

Option 2: payment of £122 during 12 months for those who is in financial difficulty

This course is accredited by International Association of Therapists (

Payment per weekend

every 2 weeks for 6 total payments

Monthly installments

per month for 12 total payments
This course does not have any sections.

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