Bio-Matrix Scanner

“Our each client becomes Ambassador of New Earth, with QUANTA tools enhancing energy field of their own being, their home and working space, impacting the wellbeing of community and the planet as a whole. Together we create miracles”

Lola Lhamo

Bio Matrix Scan (BMS) is intended for a thorough examination of the human body’s functional state, as well as is used to assess and track therapy effectiveness.

  • Patented in-depth study on basis of heart rate variability
  • Light and portable design, simple to use practical application
  • Diagrams and data that are easy to comprehend
  • Doesn’t require any particular training to operate
  • Shows BEFORE & AFTER therapy
  • Assesses the status of the cardiovascular and vegetative nerve systems using variance analysis
  • Evaluates hormonal regulation as Neurohumoral dynamic analysis function
  • Maps Brain Biorhythms and shows psycho-emotional state
  • Determines the degree of organism adaption and biological age
  • Provides complex analysis of organism functional state
  • Shows Aura visually
  • Shows complex analysis of 12 meridians
  • Creates personalized Bio-Matrix Calendar for a day to plan important events and travels

Advanced Bio-Matrix Scanner

Heart Rate Variability live
Functional State Indicators

Vegetative Nervous System

Neurohumoral Regulation

Psycho-Emotional Balance

Adaptability, Immune System, Harmonization of Bio-Rhythms and Bio-Age

Complex Analysis of Health State

Aura Portrait

Chakras Balance Map

The State of 12 Meridians

Bio-Matrix Calendar for planning activities

Chinese Emperors had individual Bio-Matrix Calendar to plan big events or travels, prepared by their medics, in accordance with their Bio-Rhythms from the day of conception, birth and up till death. Now we have incredible technology to automatically create such Calendar for you to plan important decisions and movements during the day, as well as visually see what is best time to rest, to start physical activity or go to bed in accordance with your Bio-Rhythm

Course Instructor

Lola Lhamo Lola Lhamo Author

BioMatrix Scan



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