For Big Events


UNIQUE INNOVATIVE QUANTA Bio-Energy Technology has been used in many events around the world for raising frequency, healing audience with Light and Bio-Resonance, and balancing the space and state of mind of people during the event.

We collaborate with Events Organizers and Venues.

Among our partners are private individuals hosting VIP parties, organizations holding events at Dance Clubs, Retreat Places & Health/Yoga Studios, Hotels, and even Concert Halls and Theatres.

How does QUANTA Tech work?

We have thousands of programmes in Android app, which we can choose on basis of Automated Scanning or manually, harmonizing Body Health, Mental State and Soul expansion to feel high vibes – in other words – really good. App Programmes are connected with Light and Bio-Resonance Tech which has lasers, 16mln colours projection, UVc, and Library of ancient mandalas gathered from spiritual masters and alchemists around the world. When projected into space where event is held – we shift Bio-Informational field of all people who are part of the event, literally raising frequency.

Some of QUANTA programmes are: Bio-Geometry, Sacred Geometry forms, Calling Soul Tribe & Attract Friends, Bringing Balance & Happiness to a Place, Curing Negative Energy, General Protection, Healing & Reprogramming DNA, Neutralizing 5G, WIFI & Electromagnetic Energies, Protecting from Negative Entities, Psychic Protection, Boost Creative Inspiration, Turn enemies into Friends, Calm Down when troubled, Turn Mental Anguish into Calm, Inner Strength, Heart Opening, Financial Abundance, Escape from Danger, Control Anger, Love & Light, Chakra Resonances, Immune System, Cold Prevention, Energy Boost, Reiki Symbols, Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety, Wealth, and many more. We can also deliver Chemical elements and Vitamins frequencies, as well as balance work of each organ and body system.

By integrating QUANTA Bio-Resonance and Light Technology you bring powerful healing and transformation to your Audience !

We offer 2 options of collaboration:

  1. RENT QUANTA Technology for one or several events – our Specialist will bring and set up the equipment and will be managing it during the event (from £111 for 1 event)
  2. BUY QUANTA Technology for continuous use – we will train you to use the tech

Some events: Light & Sound Healing

For Big Events we recommend the following QUANTA Technology

QUANTA Galaxy Generator

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

One of most powerful QUANTA tools. All-in-One

Transfers positive high frequency of energy through the crystals to create fractal fields, picked by human by the resonance. It brings information to our energetic system using the light field that it generates.

Library of healing frequencies in App

Emitting light and photon fields, forming sacral geometry shapes.

Creates a fractal holographic multi-harmonic field with multiple octaves of light

For Home , Office, Club, Health Retreat

Innovative Healing Light machine, great for powerful transformation of energy in Home, Office, for small and even large community events, like music concerts, ecstatic dances, corporate gatherings

It has been successfully used in private events and clubs in Bali, Thailand, Egypt, Japan to keep gathering in high vibe frequency

Built-in photon scalar wave generator – Energy Information Transfer (EIT)



QUANTA Light Alchemy Pulsar

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Color therapy system where the body receives its deficient colors though exposure to the colors.

16 million color solid state Light source programmed to recreate the spectral resonances from App libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and many more, harmonically transmitting precise colors representing each element.

Colored light therapy can act as a powerful tool to stimulate the biochemistry of the brain through the visual system by retinal-hypothalamus brain connection.

For Home , Office, Club, Health Retreat

Nutrition with Light

Food, at a quantum level, consists of varying frequencies of light, distributed to the areas in the body that require those particular frequencies to function. Deficiencies, within the human body, in certain parts of the light spectrum (e.g. improper nutrition) could result in ill health. Delivering missing colors would supply the needed frequencies of energy/light and thereby improve health

+ Translates Sound into Light frequencies: Sound pulses the light according to the sound frequency to generate Light and Sound resonance at the same time.



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