QUANTA Centre welcomes you to discover incredible technology which transforms lives around the world.

Among our innovative technology & methods of healing and transformation are Bio-Resonance, Frequency, Light, Sound, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Neuroscience, EpiEnergetics, and much more…

We have thousands of QUANTA Healers around the world, integrating our affordable innovative QUANTA technology with their spiritual practices, raising frequency and co-creating powerful shift in the world.

“Our each partner becomes Ambassador of New Earth, with QUANTA tools enhancing energy field of their own being, their home and working space, impacting the wellbeing of community and the planet as a whole. Together we create miracles”

Lola Lhamo

Below are our QUANTA technology tools to discover… All of them can be used for Self-Healing, for transforming space at your Home or Corporate Office, as well as for enhancing your Healing Practice, be it Reiki, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Meditation classes, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, and even at your Ecstatic Dance parties to keep frequency of community high and space pure.

We collaborate with leaders and experts in the space of Bio-Energetics, currently presenting Tech of Light Mandalas. Contact us if you have innovative Tech which you believe can benefit our community.

You may choose to either:

* RECEIVE QUANTA THERAPY: see our page QUANTA HEALING. Visit our centres around the world for Multidimensional Well-being Programme – for healing and wholistic transformation (see our Centres in London, Bali, Thailand, and Egypt). You can also join our individual or group RETREATS. Very often our guests and visitors become QUANTA Ambassadors, inspired by value they can bring into community with these tools.

* BECOME QUANTA AMBASSADOR: simply order your own QUANTA tech and learn at our online platform how to use it at home, corporate office or at your healing centre.

We integrate latest bio-hacking technologies with ancient spiritual practices, including Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Qi Gong, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Alchemy, offered by best specialists in their field.

If you would like to work with QUANTA Technology and integrate it into your Healing Space, see our exciting proposition below! Our Ambassadors receive substantial rewards!


Below is QUANTA tech available now for worldwide delivery. Become QUANTA Ambassador Today!

Android App for mob and tablet

Most of QUANTA tools are connected to Android App where you can choose from thousands of Library programmes:

  • Homeopathy frequencies,
  • frequencies for Psycho-Spiritual harmonization, chakras,
  • each organ and body system work balance,
  • DNA and cells rejuvenation,
  • skin and hair beauty,
  • appetite correction, vitamins, amino-acids,
  • psychological balance, will-power, anti-stress, headaches,
  • sexual balance, impotence healing, menstrual cycle,
  • allergies, immunity and protective functions,
  • insomnia to healthy sleep and many others,
  • space purification and protection from Electromagnetic devices, Wifi & 5G…

Dynamic Scanner

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

2mins comprehensive Scan of Body, Mind, Spirit to determine which Healing Programmes to use. It creates protocol of healing automatically on basis of analysis – just push Play on App. Works with all QUANTA devices

MUST have for daily scan and healing



Bio-Matrix Scanner

Bio Matrix Scan (BMS) is intended for a thorough examination of the human body’s functional state, as well as is used to assess and track therapy effectiveness.

  • Patented in-depth study on basis of heart rate variability
  • Light and portable design, simple to use practical application
  • Diagrams and data that are easy to comprehend
  • Doesn’t require any particular training to operate
  • Shows BEFORE & AFTER therapy
  • Assesses the status of the cardiovascular and vegetative nerve systems using variance analysis
  • Evaluates hormonal regulation as Neurohumoral dynamic analysis function
  • Maps Brain Biorhythms and shows psycho-emotional state
  • Determines the degree of organism adaption and biological age
  • Provides complex analysis of organism functional state
  • Shows Aura visually
  • Shows complex analysis of 12 meridians
  • Creates personalized Bio-Matrix Calendar for a day to plan important events and travels


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Chakras Activator

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Purifies and harmonizes energy centres

Removes toxicity & balances auric field

Restores inner balance

Normalizes psycho-emotional state

Strengthens electro-magnetic field

Empowered by Tesla coil

Great for meditation

For Home or Office

Harmonizes Home, Kitchen, Bedroom or Office space energy

Charges Water & Food: creates magnetic field, which purifies and removes negative memory in water

Homeopathy: with the purest form of silica – structures molecules of food and medicine you use

£555 free delivery

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Aura Shield +Ozone

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Powerful psychic protection & healing for healers

Plasma Light & Electromagnetic field cut off energetic cords, purify and harmonize aura and chakras, and destroy entities or low frequency energies

Library of million of healing frequencies to choose from App for mob or tablet

Binaural QUANTA Sound via headphones combined with Light

Great for stress-relieve

For Home or Office

Purifies and disinfects air as emits ozone O3

Produces UVC which eliminate bad odors and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as sulfides, mercaptans, and ammonia

Destroys entities or low vibrational energies at Home or Office

£999 free delivery

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Light Pyramid Resonator

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Potent tool for mental and physical wellbeing

Plasma and Quantum fields’ healing frequencies permeate Auric field, rewire nervous system to achieve body-mind coherence, relaxation, and calmness

Photobiotic Light nourishes cells and organs

Great for PTSD and depression

Choice of thousands healing frequencies from App

     Maintains personal high frequency vibration after a healing session.

For Home or Office

Generates natural electromagnetic field, combining light spectrum, sound, magnetic, and plasma fields, based on traditional Chinese medicine principles

Creates natural magnetic field that clears up the effect of unpleasant WiFi or 5G signals. Shields and neutralizes energy in the room/office.

16 million color combinations of Photobiotic Light regulated by Library in App

Pyramid transports energy from one dimension to another, creating high energy shield at home

£955 free delivery

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Light Wand

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Potent tool for healers, using laser lights, crystals, and scalar wave emitters, as well as Tesla bifilar coil

Efficiently shift, change, and balance physical and emotional body, and conscious mind by using Library of frequencies (see examples below)

DNA Repair, Cells Rejuvenation, organs balance, Chakras, Homeopathy, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Elements

For Home or Office

Ultraviolet Disinfection LED Chip

Ultraviolet-C emits at a wavelength of 265nm-285nm, which is suitable for inactivating germs and bacteria by destroying their DNA and RNA. UVC LED replicates UVC light using LED beads, which is a completely clean and energy efficient technology.

£1699 free delivery

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Galaxy Generator ~ Astral Star

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

One of most powerful QUANTA tools. All-in-One

Transfers positive high frequency of energy through the crystals to create fractal fields, picked by human by the resonance. It brings information to our energetic system using the light field that it generates.

Library of healing frequencies in App

Emitting light and photon fields, forming sacral geometry shapes.

Creates a fractal holographic multi-harmonic field with multiple octaves of light

For Home , Office, Club, Health Retreat

Innovative Healing Light machine, great for powerful transformation of energy in Home, Office, for small and even large community events, like music concerts, ecstatic dances, corporate gatherings

It has been successfully used in private events and clubs in Bali, Thailand, Egypt, Japan to keep gathering in high vibe frequency

Built-in photon scalar wave generator – Energy Information Transfer (EIT)


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Light Alchemy Pulsar

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

Color therapy system where the body receives its deficient colors though exposure to the colors.

16 million color solid state Light source programmed to recreate the spectral resonances from App libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and many more, harmonically transmitting precise colors representing each element.

Colored light therapy can act as a powerful tool to stimulate the biochemistry of the brain through the visual system by retinal-hypothalamus brain connection.

For Home , Office, Club, Health Retreat

Nutrition with Light

Food, at a quantum level, consists of varying frequencies of light, distributed to the areas in the body that require those particular frequencies to function. Deficiencies, within the human body, in certain parts of the light spectrum (e.g. improper nutrition) could result in ill health. Delivering missing colors would supply the needed frequencies of energy/light and thereby improve health

+ Translates Sound into Light frequencies: Sound pulses the light according to the sound frequency to generate Light and Sound resonance at the same time.



Just some of QUANTA Healing Frequencies available at our App for mobiles and tablets (Android)

Special Energy Balance
Quartz – Opaque Gems
Quartz – Gems
Quartz – Transparent Gems
Subtle Bodies
Subtle Bodies Chakras
Spiritual & Manifestation Power

Health Maintain
Body Essential – Amino Acids
Body Essential – Vitamins
Body Essential – Elements
Overall Maintain/Repair/Rejuvenate
Normalizing Frequencies
Solfeggio Frequencies
Organs & Systems Balance
Homeopathy – Guild of Homeopaths HP
DNA Repair
Cells Rejuvenation

Emotional Balance
Body Essential – Actinides
Body Essential – Lanthanide
Homeopathy – Flower Remedy

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