We brought together Spiritual Masters, Technology Geniuses and Conscious Leaders to create truly unique Collective of bright hearts and minds, because transformation will occur only when we come together as One Family.

Meet our core Team members:

Lola Lhamo, Founder of QUANTA Bio-Energy Centre & New Earth Leaders platform www.Creators.Earth

An architect of innovative transformational projects and ambassador of conscious leadership. 20 years in international business consultancy, in conceiving and managing global strategy for projects in the finance, payments, telecoms, computing, FMCG, luxury goods and healthcare sectors.
Initiator of idea of Corporate Social Responsibility integration to activities of leading companies.
Coaching on personal and professional transformation and team leadership.

Lola has connection with Yoga, Dao and energy healing from childhood. Life brought her meetings with wonderful teachers, Daoist masters, Indian yogis, Tibetan lamas, alchemists, and New Earth scientists…

Lola helped building Enlightment Stupa at Roerich Museum, travelled with Tibetan lamas to India and Nepal to Buddhist monasteries and place of power, participated at World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India…

After 25 years of practice Lola created QUANTA Bio-Energy Centre with mission of activation and integration of evolutionary leaders – Creators of New Earth.
Centre offers programmes merging spirituality & science, practices of QUANTA Energy Medicine, Yoga, Qi Gong, mindfulness, sound and vibrational healing, spiritual coaching iCreate, and latest bio-resonance tech.

Lola integrates knowledge of Himalayan Hatha, Kriya & Yin Yoga (RYT500h), Buddhist Mind Yoga and Neuropsychology, EpiEnergetics & Coaching, Pranayam and Meditation, Sound Energy Medicine and healing with the power of voice and Singing Bowls, Qi Gong & Cosmic Healing, Reiki (Master) and QUANTA Energetics – alchemical practices, reconnecting to our true nature, developing capacity to transform energy for healing and wholeness.

Lola also manages Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association (SEMPA), offering Sound Therapy certified courses worldwide for yoga teachers and energy healers, psychotherapists and clinicians, enjoys merging latest scientific research in sound, frequency & Bio-Energy medicine.

Dr Akmal Tobgy, Head of Universal Tao Center of Egypt, Light Mandalas Research Group

Founder of Light Mandalas Research Group, research in Light Codes Interfacing, creating bio-hacking equipment. Director of The Mandala Retreat. China Workshops facilitator to Grand Master Chia. Travel companion to GM Chia during research trips to China. Introducing and implementing CM Chia’s “Full Circle of the Tao” Teaching Initiative to China.

Facilitating: Country / Planetary wide meditative initiative groups; Garuda Path Internal alchemy, Mentor at Dragon Gate Sustainable Community Development.

Studied with Grand Master Mantak Chia since 1986, Universal Healing Tao, Thailand. Resident Teacher, Healer and Director of Pakua Clinic 2000-2007. Appointed organizer to GM Chia’s private Office, Doi Saket Mansion.

Present Director of the Universal Tao Centre of Egypt. Former Director of the Universal Healing Tao Centre of Toronto, Canada.

Visiting Mentor: Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Tunisia, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Peru.

Interests: Chess, Judo, Gungfu and Qi Gong.

Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication (Transpersonal Psychology)

Dr Alex Syrtsov, Head of Light Seeds, Indonesia

Researcher, inventor and healer. He has travelled and lived in many parts of the world, and have gained knowledge and wisdom from leading professors, doctors and teachers. He has a deep passion for technology, ancient wisdom, spirituality and has undergone the Nine Initiations in Egypt. He has a Masters in Psychology, is the international communications bridge for Light Mandala Company and a representative for the Centre of New Technologies.

“My mission is to continue to connect with like-minded individuals, create a web of conscious networks and develop the most advanced technology to help humanity.”

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