UK, QUANTA Centre in London

Upcoming One Day QUANTUM Leap Retreat in London, held at QUANTA Centre, N22 8DH

20 November, 9am-6pm

Focused on Activation of Soul Voice to embody fully the Creator Of New Earth

This event is a collaboration and part of 2 days course held by Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association. If you are interested to book the whole weekend course, please, visit this link

Do we fully understand the power residing within us? Do we truly connect to and hear our Soul’s voice? Do we follow our heart? Do we have enough inner power to walk our path at every moment ?

This retreat combes mind transformation theory part about Sacred Geometry of the Universe, Human, and Sound, spiritual practices, and bio-hacking technology to harmonize and empower our soul to express its gifts in the world and become true Creator of New Earth!

True expression is what the world needs now, empower yourself and shine your light !

We will practice:

  • Qi Gong for energy purification, protection, and energy boost, understanding the power residing within our being, accessible at any moment
  • Supported with innovative QUANTA Bio-resonance, Light & Frequency technology to raise our vibration, cut energetic cords and release entities (low vibration energies) from our field
  • Sacred Voice Activation practices from Nada Yoga, & Tibetan overtone toning for purification of Energy centers
  • QUANTA coaching session (EpiEnergetics, Neuroscience) for realizing our dreams and expressing our Soul Voice in community

Retreat will take place retreat centre QUANTA Bio-Hacking & Leadership centre, N22 8DH, London

20 Nov , 9am – 6pm

Course will be taught by Lola Lhamo, founder of QUANTA Centre

You will be able to explore powerful bio-hacking light, frequency, bio-resonance technology for self-healing

Yummy healthy lunch , drinks, and snacks are included

Cost: £177 (installments possible)