QUANTA LEAP workshops, retreats and educational programmes

We created these Higher Self Activation journeys, in sacred gentleness reconnecting to all multidimensional beauty of the Body, Mind, and Soul, with aim of letting flow what’s not serving us anymore, release the patterns that cloud pure vision and experience being in harmony with ourselves and the world around, and move to higher frequency life in wholeness, becoming true Creators.

We often welcome leaders who achieved a lot in their lives, and yet experience disconnection by many reasons, which are sometimes difficult to grasp and resolve with logical mind. We are not searching for Why’s – we offer sacred space to be as you are, embrace yourself, all aspects and manifestations of unique You, as we know life is an experience of many things, through which we learn as a soul, and sometimes it can be not an easy learning, but it is the path which the soul has chosen to evolve.

The state of wholeness, joy, and inner peace is always there for us wherever we choose to reconnect to Higher Self. When we reach that destination we receive immense inner power (and sometimes so called super natural capacities which are naturally within), continuing to inspire and empower others in community, creating powerful resonance with our work.

We bring together unique masters in co-creation, true artists in their field of work – spiritual teachers, scientists, leadership guides, merging spiritual practices with latest innovative bio-hacking technology, in most beautiful retreat spaces of Bali, sacred land of Water and the waterfalls, mountains and temples, where we reconnect to nature of our soul.

Upcoming events in Bali

3 days 5D QUANTA Leap (can be extended to 5,7,9,11,21,33 days)

Higher Self Activation and QUANTA Healing

This is retreat for those who inquires about their spiritual mission, working towards self-growth and self-realization in life, who has experienced Higher states of mind and would like to explore this more.

We will talk about multidimensional Universe, other beings, the Council of Light, inquire about your individual life path and spiritual journey, as well as about the Earth and humanity as a whole. You will have time to work on your Creative Plan of actions.

From cosmic perspective being born on planet Earth is a blissful holiday for a soul to experience the beauty of physical realm. It’s a journey of joy and space to manifest anything you would like to create. So why it’s not always paradise as it supposed to be?

We live in turbulent time which allows us to understand ourselves, our own consciousness and that of the planet Earth better than ever, through these challenges. Akashic Library keeps records of all possibilities and potentials in multiple dimensions of realities, and wisdom of all planes. It can be accessed to understand our own consciousness and resolve energetic knots and clouds from perspective of Higher Awareness (or Higher Self) and transform our own reality, impacting transformation of humanity as a whole.

By having an experience of Higher Awareness we discover who we really are, and what we are capable of as human being and a child of the universe. We also expand our perception in understanding of what Universe truly is. As a result of this experience we transform our lives from higher perspective and higher consciousness, by this helping other people to transform theirs.

What to expect?

Latest Innovative Bio-Hacking technology, working with Light, Frequency, and Bio-Resonance to heal and expand consciousness

~ We will lead Individual BioMatrix scan of your body before and after the Retreat so you could observe the shift. Biomatrix Scan will provide an estimation of your health state by measuring your Heart Rate Variability in real time. This is done by placing both your palms onto two metal plates connected to our program. The information provided includes your Vegetative Regulation, Neurohormonal Regulation, Psycho-emotional State, Fractal Analysis, Gerontological Curve, Portrait of your Aura, Chakras Activity Map, and the Chart of the Meridians.

~ You will experience Light, Frequency, Bio-Resonance healing every evening to tune your cells to higher frequency, stimulate your pineal gland and have an Ascension to Higher Self journey

Day 1. Deep Relaxation & Reconnection. Fire of the Soul Mandala

~ On your arrival we will guide you through gentle relaxation surrounded by beauty of nature, heart opening with silent meditation enjoying tea or cacao, followed by Ascension Light & Sound Bath with Singing Bowls to reconnect with harmony within soul

~ We will offer flower mandala and Agni Hotra – Balinese fire ceremony – powerful blessings for the soul

Day 2. Detoxing Mind and Body. Letting Go

~ We will take your through the stages of purification with help of simple Pranayama (breath) techniques and Kriyas to detox the body from old energies.

In the Himalayas for over 3000 years people have been practicing powerful energy healing methods, which became accessible on the West less than 150 years ago. In accordance with the ancient scripts there are thousands of energy channels in our body, and prana, the breath of life, flows through them. By activating and purifying the chakras, our energy centres, we ensure this life force energy is circulating properly in the body, for our good health, and even more – this helps us to go beyond and connect with the universal consciousness and pure cosmic energy.

Breathing techniques (pranayama) we will combine with inner vibrations (activation with voice) and physical exercises (yoga asanas) for purifying our energy centres (chakras) and releasing physical and emotional tension, followed by Prana Meditation and Yoga Nidra for brain rejuvenation, and Sound Bath with Himalayan singing bowls for deep meditation and connection to ourselves.

You will learn simple yet powerful techniques to take home for practice, with regular practice you will improve the vitality of body and mind, and obtain spiritual wholeness.

~ We will guide you to connect with Higher Self and dreams in evening Light & Sound Ascension Meditation & Sound Bath, and together work on your Creative Plan of Actions – do bring your copybook to write in…

~ Possible Free Flow Ecstatic Dance letting go with the movement

Day 3. Inner Power and Peace. Infinite Energy & Manifestation Power

~ We will start with ancient Qi Gong practice to embrace infinite energy and reconnect with the elements within, beautiful inner and outer universe, and the source. We will purify and activate Chi (Life Force) within organs, learn Microcosmic Orbit breath practice to balance the flow of Qi through Inner Pillar to bring more light and manifesting power into your being.

~ Energy Universe and Energy Healing: round circle & discussion
Ancient scripts, quantum physics, neuroscience, fields theory about “All is Energy”, energy universe and energy healing.. How to open up and develop capacity for energy healing, for yourself and other people. How to heal yourself with intention: yogic scripts and neuroscience perspectives. How to always stay full of energy. Supreme Yogic practices with Light, Gratitude and Seeing World as Energy.

~ In the evening during Light & Sound Ascension Meditation & Sound Bath we will discover healing capacity within, rejuvenate body and mind through multidimensional practice, and connect with Higher Self and Akasha (universal library), finding true soul purpose for creating life full of joy, happiness, and realised dreams, and act with sincerity and wholeness to ourselves and the world.

~ We will continue writing Creative Plan of Actions to manifest your dreams.

Day 4. Creators of New Earth

~ Morning BioMatrix scan will show energetic transformation during the retreat

~ Circle for Healing the planet with light to fully feel the creative energy within, as the more goodness and light we share – the more we receive…